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About Oaklands Physiotherapy

Oaklands Physiotherapy strives to promote and enhance recovery; to aid health and wellbeing for working and companion animals and owners. Oaklands Physiotherapy aim is to 'maximise performance and enhance quality of life'.

Kathryn Welland qualified from Coventry University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Physiotherapy and soon after obtained a Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy. In 2008, she gained a post Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy from The Royal Veterinary College. In addition to working with animals, Kathryn continues to maintain her 'human' Physiotherapy work in the private sector.

Kathryn brings a wealth of skills, knowledge, and experiences from her Physiotherapy practice to the Veterinary Physiotherapy field. In particular analysis of movement, movement dysfunction, the ‘feel’ of tissues and joints and an ability to provide specific and individual rehabilitative exercise programs. All contribute to assist the fine tuning of each individual animals rehabilitation and treatment.

Kathryn's Key Achievements; Having a great interest in sport, and competed in a range of sporting disciplines from club to national levels (not without injury), Kathryn appreciates the need to be ‘tip-top’ to compete and function - at any level.

From time to time Oaklands Physiotherapy works with and uses other Chartered Physiotherapists and Veterinary Physiotherapists. Oaklands always works closely with Veterinary Surgeons, specialist referral centres and where implicated other veterinary professionals.

Kathryn is available for demonstrations and presentations - please call her for more information on 07977 424549 or email info@oaklands-physiotherapy.co.uk
Kathryn Welland - Chartered Physiotherapist and Veterinary Physiotherapist
MCSP Bsc (Hons) Phys. PGDip Vet Physio (RVC) Cat A ACPAT